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toy_armada's Journal

A Sealand/Latvia Livejournal Community

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A community for Sealand/Latvia from APH


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This is a community dedicated to the relationship of Sealand aka Peter Kirkland and Latvia aka Raivis Galante from the webcomic/anime Axis Powers Hetalia. We accept both a platonic relationship and a romantic relationship between the two.This community will contain shounen-ai/yaoi content. Please take a moment to read over the rules. We hope you enjoy your stay here!
The Rules
On Posts:
All icons, meta, fanfic, scans, doujinshi, fanart, crafts, cosplay graphics, etc, needs to feature the Sealand/Latvia pairing.

They must be locked if they are explicit.

Icons and Images:
Please LJ-cut any image larger than 300x300 pixels. And please do not put more than four icons before a cut if posting icons.

Fanfiction should be posted with this format:
Link: (Alternately, you may post the fanwork on the community under an lj-cut)

And here is a text box to help you.

Fanart posts do not need to provide a summary, genre, or title, but should have the rest of the information. If you are recommending a fanwork, please list the original author. Explicit content must be locked.

All Posts Must Be Tagged.We have a default list of tags set up. We will add other tags as needed. Just ask.

Please keep your posts ON-TOPIC. Do not spam the community. If you have several things to post in a day, combine it into one post. Treat all members with respect and bring any issues you may have to one of the mods via reply to our journals or by sending us an LJ private message.

Also, have fun!
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